Fast Track your Executive Leadership Success: sign up for a 10 week sprint!

Next intakes in August 2018 and February 2019

Do you face significant work challenges in a fast paced, uncertain and complex environment? Do you seek to grow new leadership traits? Or develop your leadership practice so that you can be more effective? 

As a leader, do you aspire to

  1. know what truly matters and how to get that done?
  2. be resilient and optimise your focus and energy levels?  
  3. be better at coaching and developing your direct reports?
  4. learn why it is important to be experimental – to try and learn, to try and learn – to respond to complex problems?

When you join this intensive 10 week program you will rapidly develop new habits of mind to grow your capabilities so that you can lead successfully in our complex, fast-paced business environment.  Over time these new habits will be come your own unique leadership traits.

Places are limited, and we encourage you to get in touch with Alaine to see if this program will meet your needs.  

Leadership success comes from being able to build a productive work culture where your people can deliver quality outcomes to achieve your business strategy.
— Alaine King


Cultivate 5 Leadership Elements

Over 10 weeks you will be invited to adopt new habits to grow your leadership capabilities across five core leadership elements:

  1. Grow: to develop your whole team to their full potential.
  2. Be Curious: ask questions, collect information and contemplate.
  3. Communicate: listen to others, get your key messages across and build your influence.
  4. Collaborate: build workplace relationships and connect across the organisation.
  5. Create: to foster adaptive responses to complex challenges.

Grow your whole team diagram.png

The Sprint Outline

The next Executive Leadership Sprint will kick-off in June 2018 with an  executive coaching session, where we will explore the unique way you make sense of your world and what truly matters to you. 

You will develop your big picture goals and explore options to create the future you desire. This will drive action planning for the 10 week Executive Leadership Sprint.

You will be well supported through fortnightly face to face coaching sessions, as well as weekly progress check-in phone calls the end of each week.  You will also be able to contact Alaine by phone or email should you need urgent support.

What Will You Get?

During the 10 week Sprint you receive

  • Over 8 hours of coaching in 6 one-on-one executive coaching sessions, either face to face or by video to fit in with your schedule;
  • Weekly progress check-in telephone calls at the end of each week, to help you keep on track and achieve your goals;
  • Unlimited access to your coach; and
  • A curated journal to help you keep yourself accountable as you build new habits through daily practice.


Your Investment

Places are limited.  We encourage you to meet with Alaine first to find out whether this fast paced program will meet your needs.  It is important to us that this will be of benefit to you and your circumstances.  We want you to thrive!!

Should you wish to proceed to enrol in the Sprint following your initial consultation, your investment for this unique opportunity is:
          Early Bird 25% discount: $ 6000
          Full price:                               $ 8000

Early Bird cut-off dates:
      June intake:          1st May 2018
      October intake:   1st September 2018