Organisations serious about developing leaders can establish a Leadership Circle.  

Specifically designed for mid-career ICT professionals, your technical staff will be supported to explore and learn about leadership.  They will be invited to 

  • Grow leadership skills,
  • Build confidence and resilience,
  • Collaborate with others,  and learn how to
  • Create an environment where everyone make a serious contribution.

When technical experts step into leadership roles in technology teams, they need to grow a leadership style that will challenge their team members, foster their confidence and grow their ability to solve problems independently.  

The ICT Leadership Circle offers a space where technical experts can tap into the collective experience of peers and expert technology mentor Alaine King.

Who should attend?

The Circle is designed for mid-career ICT professionals wishing to grow their leadership skills.   Whether people have been leading teams for some time or are new to the role.   Whether people are a technical expert who is seeking to learn how to lead and influence others: a software or hardware engineer, project manager, data or business or test analyst, a user experience designer.

Key Information

  • Each Circle begins with a full day workshop and then meets over the next 8-10 weeks in four 2 hour sessions.
  • Two one-on-one coaching sessions are also included to help participants develop their big picture goals and explore options to achieve these goals, and work on any particular work challenges.



from ICT Leadership Circle participants, Australian Government, December 2017

The Circle provided valuable insights into my own skills and experiences as well as those of others.  Great way to meet others and foster relationships within the organisation.”

“I gained confidence to take on challenging tasks.”

“This was a great opportunity to reflect on leadership style while learning from others.  Insights from Alaine were/will be very useful in daily work scenarios.”

“The Circle made me reflect on my career.  It is a great way to find ways to improve.

What is a Leadership Circle?

A Leadership Circle is a peer mentoring group that draws on the benefits gained from one to one mentoring and those from working with a group of peers. Mentoring supports people to gain confidence and new skills during times of change in their life.  People become more self-aware as new ways of leading are embedded over a series of sessions. In a Circle, a combination of coaching and peer mentoring principles provides members with a wider source of inspiration for idea generation and greater creativity in problem solving complex challenges as they grow to be leaders in their fields. 

How does the Circle work?

The Circle will usually have 6 to 8 people working with a facilitator in a full day workshop followed by 4 or 5 sessions of 90 minutes.  A couple of one-on-one coaching sessions are included to help develop big picture goals or work challenges, and explore options to achieve these goals.

Circle numbers are kept low to optimise engagement with peers.  Learning is accelerated with the sessions being only 2 or 3 weeks apart.  Each participant is given the opportunity to share what is on their mind.  Members act act as a sounding board to bounce ideas around and explore potential solutions.  The facilitator will offer new habits to grow leadership capabilities, lead discussions of work topics of interest to the Circle, and share insights from her technology experience and knowledge of adult development.

What will participants  get?

When you step into leadership roles in technology teams, you need to grow key leadership capabilities.  In the Leadership Circle,  you will

  1. Learn how to cultivate self-awareness, so that you can build a presence, keep yourself healthy and build resilience.
  2. Learn how to “coach on the job”, by asking open questions rather than offering advice, so that you can empower others around you.
  3. Be presented with some of the latest research on how to deliberately develop teams, so that you can grow your team to be more productive. 

You will also be supported to to achieve your goals, as you work through the sessions and adopt new leadership habits to grow yourself and to grow your whole team.

What will organisations get?

Peer circles bring peers together to mentor and coach each other to develop more effective, better supported leaders within organisations.

In these circles, each participant focuses on their peers’ learning and development. An action learning process enables adult learning is used to hold one another accountable to their goals and support each other to address current problems and challenges.  In this way, the circles

  • Offer a confidential network of peers.
  • Build leadership skills.
  • Support the resolution of real-world issues.
  • Provide leaders the time to reflect and learn as they take action.