Alaine King & Associates offers a fresh approach to technology organisations seeking to improve productivity by building a respectful growth culture where people are developed every day.  We are uniquely placed to assist leaders examine what they need from their people and then act to make it happen, so that people can successfully learn, change and offer their best at work.


Transforming Culture

"All organisations need to hire, inspire and keep good people if they are to stay in business. In our practice we lead strategic conversations in organisations to find better ways to do just that.  We work to develop a pathway for transforming their culture to one that develops their people, in a deliberate way every day, so that everyone is actively engaged and contributing towards the mission and purpose." - Alaine King


ICT Leadership Circles

Organisations serious about developing ICT Leaders can establish an ICT Leadership Circle.  

Specifically designed for ICT mid-career professionals, your technical staff will be supported to explore and learn about leadership.  They will:  

  • Grow leadership skills,
  • Build confidence and resilience,
  • Collaborate with others,  and learn how to
  • Create an environment where everyone make a serious contribution.


Facilitation, Workshops and Speaking

We offer facilitation services to help you and your team respond to the challenges you are facing.  

We deliver leadership workshops on a range of topics to cultivate growth cultures in your organisation.

We are available to speak to your people on a range of leadership topics including the science of communication, practical approaches to respond to complexity, and creativity at work.