Thought 8: How much do you care about “failing”?

Many of us have a lot of self value vested in delivering the best we possibly can – that is in “not failing”.  And when it happens we can take it to heart, overwork and ruin our health and relationships.

Is it really your fault when your software is implemented with bugs because the requirements were not known until too late and the project testing could not be completed before a delivery date that was not shifted?  Is that failing?  Or is that an experience for the whole organisation to learn from for next time?

Quality is an attribute that is a shared responsibility.  Yes if you had more time you would have delivered better software.  No doubt.  Ultimately though, as team games go and IT is a team sport, you can do your individual best and the outcome is less than optimal.

Please don’t take it to heart. 

Instead, encourage an open conversation with all parties to learn from what happened and how it could be better next time. 

If your organisation can create a safe space for honest feedback to be heard and acted upon, then it is an opportunity for everyone to grow.  It is not failing.