Thought 7: Delivering technology is complex…. So have an open mind, ask questions and experiment

You are on track to delivering exciting new technology capability for your business.

You have been working your team hard to build the capability – develop the software, stand up the infrastructure, test the integrated solution, validate the security.  The list goes on. 

You have drawn on your experience and best practice to deliver quality.  And you can see the end in sight.  How confident are you that your product will actually be used?  The way you have designed it?

Delivering new technology successfully calls for more than technology expertise – it all about how you work with people across business and technology domains in your organisation and how much you know about the people who will use your product.  This stuff is “complex” and it pays to keep an open mind, be curious and ask lots of questions.  Because when complexity is involved, the system is not predictable and it is not possible to have foresight.  It is only with hindsight that you can see which decisions worked.

So don’t be afraid to try small experiments throughout the project. Experiments that optimise your decision making - whether they “succeed or fail”.  Experiments that are low cost – even thought experiments or scenario testing that can reveal your unknown assumptions or unconscious biases about how people relate to the system you are working with.  You may not need to “build” anything. 

Better to find out early that the design needs to be changed rather than waiting until delivery and a less than successful result.