Thought 4: Using powerful poses to speak with confidence

How can it be that when we adopt one or more power poses that we are more likely to also speak confidently and be more successful in getting our message across?  

Recent research has shown that when we use our body to strike a powerful pose, it can trigger an increase in testosterone and a decrease in cortisol - meaning that we are more likely to be calm in stressful situations.  Like giving a presentation or speaking up at a large meeting.

It all goes back to our primitive brain.  After all, we are primates and we unconsciously recognise powerful poses and submissive poses.  Think of the silverback gorilla for a powerful pose!

Why not try it for yourself?  When  you looking to enhance your presence at a large meeting, for example, become aware of your body - are you hunched up? sitting back from the table?  caught up in your own thoughts?  If so, take a few deep breaths, feel your feet firmly on the floor, sit up tall, pull your shoulders back, soften and relax your face, and then listen carefully to who is speaking.  

You may find that when you do that, you will be more easily able to speak clearly and with confidence to get your point across when it is time for you to contribute.